How Much Is The Gas At Bakersfield Sam’s Club?

Fuel Prices at Sam's Club Gas Stations in Bakersfield CA area.

If you have been hurting from the price of gas, then look no further than Sam’s Club. Check the table below for the most accurate Sam’s Club gas prices in the Bakersfield area.

Fuel prices are updated as of 06/13/2024
NameUnleaded Gas PricePremium Gas PriceDiesel PriceAddressHours
NameBakersfieldUnleaded Gas Price$4.119Premium Gas Price$4.429Diesel Price$4.879Address5625 Gosford Rd. Bakersfield, CA, KERN 93313
661 654 8565
HoursMon to Fri (5:30 am – 9:00 pm)
Sat (5:30 am – 9:00 pm)
Sun (6:00 am – 7:00 pm)
How much is gas in Bakersfield today?

Gas prices in Bakersfield can change frequently due to a variety of factors, including global oil prices, regional supply disruptions, and seasonal trends. To find out the latest gas prices in Bakersfield, please refer to the table on our website, which is updated regularly with the latest fuel prices at Sam’s Club Bakersfield.

How much are gas prices in Fresno, California?

For citizens of Fresno, you can check the cost of gas in our handy chart. Here you’ll be able to see the current price of Sam’s Club gay price Fresno so that you always get the best deal.

Is Sam’s Club worth it for gas?

If you have a long commute or drive a larger truck or SUV, then a Sam’s Club membership can make a massive difference in the gas price.

Can I buy gas from any Sam’s Club without being a member?

No. When taking advantage of Sam’s Club gas prices in Fresno, you need to be a paying member of Sam’s Club to get great gas prices. Check out our handy chart for Sam’s Club gas prices in Fresno.

Can I use someone else’s Sam’s Club card for gas?

Unfortunately no. For security purposes, Sam’s Club only allows you to use the card assigned to you to get gas. If you or a family member needs to get gas and you don’t have your card, you can check out customer service to get your card.

How much is gas at Sam’s Club Bakersfield?

The price of gas at Sam’s Club Bakersfield can vary depending on the type of fuel and current market conditions. Please refer to the table on our website for the latest gas prices at Sam’s Club Bakersfield.

A membership with Sam’s club will save you money on gas for your vehicle.